April 2017 Testimonial

Testimonial from Eric of Garage Ovation

Just wanted to write a quick note on my experience with Versatile Building. As a seasoned business developer I have encountered multiple vendors in my time and have almost on every occasion been disappointed at some level with my relationships. I want to thank you all for the exceptional experience that I have had with your staff and products. Versatile Building is “as advertised” and the support I have received in training, advice and quick responses has led to a profitable first year and a scalable foreseeable future. A special thank you to Jimmy and Fernando as I have had some peculiar situations that they were able to steer me through and provide the end result, as I promised, to my customers. Good people are hard to find and I am sure you recognize their importance to establishing life time relationships to your customers with total loyalty, like myself. I simply will end this quick note with…bravo and thank you.



Garage Ovation