Garage Coatings Installed in Atlanta, GA.


This previously painted floor with hot tire pick up in Atlanta area was a great candidate for the Roll On Rock® system to replace it. A very aggressive diamond block pads were used on a Pearl Abrasive Tool Plate fitted on a floor machine with a vacuum attached. The floor took approximately 2 hrs to completely strip the paint followed by another 30 min to pass over the floor with 80 grit diamonds.


There was very little in the way of crack repairs needed on this floor. Divot Patch was used for some hairline cracks and the 4905 5 Min Crack Weld was used to fill a few of the larger chips and divots in the slab. Over all this was a very good surface.

Once the floor was vacuumed cleaned and the area made dust free, the 2 4195 1 gal Direct to Concrete Epoxy was applied with 2 41 series accelerator packs. The Tuxedo ¼” flake was broadcasted into the wet epoxy. In the 78 degree Atlanta weather the floor the epoxy was dry enough to scrape the flake in 2 ½ hrs.

After the loose flake was re-cooped and put back into the boxes, the floor was then hand scrapped and also lightly sanded with 100 grit sanding screens. This allows for a smoother slicker floor preferred in certain locations. The floor was then vacuumed and cleaned.

The top coat applied was the High Solids Fast Drying 5073 Polyurea. A 2 component product that yields approx.. 400-500 sqft over the Flake. 1 nice even coat was applied. This high gloss finish is ideal in the garage floor giving the customer an easy to clean, light reflecting fresh look for years to come.