Peeling Epoxy Coating Replaced With 4195.

As with many floors that we see, what is perceived as a coatings failure, as seen on this floor, is not true. Yes, there is delamination occurring and the coating is literally peeling off the floor, but what we fail to see or take note of is the following:

  • Is there was a moisture vapor barrier originally placed underneath the concrete?
  • Was the floor correctly preped?
  • Were there any hardeners/penetrating sealers/densifiers etc. on the concrete impeding the adhesion?
  • Was a moisture test done in the first place?

This type of Issue can be avoided with a little more knowledge about concrete. Remember we are just the icing on the cake. If the cake crumble so do we.

Versatile Building Products simply just do not have product failure. The products used in the blending and manufacturing process are time tested and proven to work. They do not change. The Variables are the applicators and the specific projects.


Here the previous coating was stripped using Diamabrush Pads and PCD Carbide Tips. Razor blades were used on the extension poles to help scrape the excess product. Once the coating was removed the entire floor was then ground down with 80 grit diamonds. This now allowed the 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer from Versatile Building Products to be able to wick into the concrete to get the adhesion to hold back up to 8 lbs of any potential moisture pressure. 1/4’’ Light Grey Flake was broadcast into the wet epoxy. Due to the size of the Project no accelerator were used for the base coat. The following day all the loose flake was reclaimed. The floor was thoroughly scraped in both directions. Completely vacuumed and cleaned.

Due to the size and nature of the project. The 4800 Low Yellowing Epoxy was chosen as the top coat sealer. It is priced very well in bulk kits. A durable high gloss high build product. The customer was fully aware of the potential of any epoxies when exposed to UV exposure to amber over time. With only 1 large bay door to be concerned about and late afternoon UV exposure he was OK with that.

The whole idea of the project was mainly for the cosmetic look of the floor for customers to see and for his employees to have a durable easy to keep clean surface. Added to the fact that they can take pride in their beautiful new surroundings.