5073 Polyurea Abrasion Tests Performance is Off the Charts!

Abrasion is defined as the process of scuffing, scratching, wearing down, or rubbing away.  It is an everyday occurrence when dealing with garage floor coatings.  Fortunately, there are standardized tests available to compare products when determining which is superior.  This is known as the ASTM D-4060 abrasion resistance test.  The standard calls for three distinct criteria: abrasion wheels, a weight, and a cycle amount.  The abrasion wheels have different types of coarseness ranging from non-resilient wheels to harsh abrasion wheels.  This is combined with a set weight applied onto the coating and the coating is allowed to rotate for a certain amount of cycles. For the coatings industry, the standard protocol states a CS-17 wheel, 1000g load, and 1000 cycles.

5073 Test Results

Above is a comparison of comparable high performance coatings designed to be used as a topcoat.  It is important to look closely at the results and claims of abrasion resistance testing as some companies may try to advertise great abrasion resistance by using a more resilient wheel, lighter weight, less cycles, or a combination of the three. As you can see, Competitor B only used 500 cycles in an attempt to make the overall weight loss look more appealing.  Independent Lab Testing shows that Versatile Building Products 5073 has a weight loss of only 3 milligrams; nearly 10 times more abrasion resistant than the other competitors.  This truly shows that Versatile Building Products’ 5073 fast drying polyurea coating is the superior choice for High Performance top coats if someone is looking for something that can hold up to everyday use and abuse.