Price and Free Shipping Increases Coming in March

Versatile Building Products is announcing a price increase that will be effective March 1st, 2017.  Our team has worked really hard to keep costs down, which has allowed us to not have a price increase in about 3 years. Unfortunately, costs related to raw materials, packaging, freight, and fees that are tacked on to vendor invoices combined with growing labor costs are outpacing the savings we are able to achieve through improved efficiencies.

  • Coating products will be increased by 5%
  • Cabinet and Slatwall Wood Components will be increased by 6% (** this is actually a net 3-4% increase after you factor in the 2-3% price reduction we passed on to our customers from 2 years ago, due to improve efficiencies)
  • Cabinet hardware will be increased by 3%
  • Extruded Slatwall Aluminum will be increased by 4%
  • Free shipping for coating products on orders of $600
  • Free shipping for cabinet products on orders of $1,200

The new pricing will take effect March 1st, 2017. This should allow the necessary time to inform your customers and to place orders for any pending jobs or jobs already in progress.

As we move forward you have our promise that we will not compromise our superior product quality. We will continue to explore all available efficiencies in manufacturing and packaging that can offset further increases in the future.