Epoxy Applied to Stem Walls in Albuquerque, NM

Epoxy Flooring with Stem Walls

The Stem walls were scratched up with the a Wire Brush as they already had an existing coating on them. We them used 100 grit sandpaper to also scuff and sand the walls.

The surface was tack wipe down to remove any dust. The joint between the floor and the walls was opened up with Crack Chaser Blade and vacuumed clean. We used a Semi Rigid Polyurethane Joint Filler with foam backer rods squeezed into the joint.

The first layer of bricks at the same height as the Stem Wall was taped off above this. We use the Blue Adhesive Tape, two layers to mask off the wall surface.

The 4195 on the manufactured Stem wall along with the floor was coated and flaked at the same time. The blue tape was removed and the stem walls scraped and sanded before more blue tape was applied prior to the clear coats.

The finished product is a seamless floor wrapping up the walls to create a Coving/Baseboard appearance.