Seamless Epoxy Flooring Installed in Orlando, FL

This customer in Central Florida was looking for a seamless floor for his garage in the Grey tones. Versatile’s Grey Flake was chosen in ¼”.
Due to the nature of concrete expansion and contraction, we talked in depth with the customer about the reasons for the expansion joints and why we do not typically fill them.
Knowing full well the concrete will expand and contract with movement and potentially the expansion joint could telegraph a small crack through the 4900 5 min Crack Weld Filler in the joint. Thus showing through the Epoxy Coating. The customer was still OK with filling them in.After applying the Crack Weld we then ground the patching down flush, even with the rest of the surface.
This was a 1 Day Installation so with the use of Versatile’s 41 series Epoxy Accelerators, 2 per 1 gal Kit of the 4195 Direct To Concrete Epoxy Primer, we were able to apply the primer and flake into it prior to lunch time. We waited approximately 2-3 hrs in 85 degree weather conditions and were able to then sweep up the loose flake, scrape the entire floor and then proceed to apply the 5205 and 5073 top coats.
The 5205 Fast Drying Polyaspartic Primer Sealer 1.5 gal kits were applied at 200 sqft / gal. This product dries to touch in 45 min in these conditions.
After approx. 60 min we applied the 5073 High Gloss Polyurea which dries in 2-3 hrs itself. This 2 gal kit will get coverage at 250 sqft / gal over the already sealed surface.
By 4.30 pm we were finished and packed up ready to go home.
The customer was super impressed by the entire process from prep work to the final beautiful look of their brand new seamless high gloss floor. Also the fact they could move their belongings back in the garage the next day. One might say they were floored by it.

Thank you again Versatile for these extremely user friendly and time saving products.