Industrial Epoxy Flooring applied in Houston, Texas

This was a 10,000 sqft Agricultural Warehouse outside of Houston, Texas, that was plain concrete with expansion joint throughout the facility as concrete should be cut correctly.

The customer wanted us to fill all the joints which was against our recommendations, but the customer did not want to have any dust build up in the joints and also a seamless floor with not indentations to move his machinery which was on small roller wheels. We informed the customer of the chance that the concrete will heave and move causing the joints to move, possibly leaving small hair lines cracks in the coating. He could live with that.

After machine grinding the entire floor the Joints where then filled. The 4905 5 min crack weld epoxy was used to fill all of these. Not the Polyurea Joint filler simply to save on the cost of the project. The Crack Weld dries in 20 min.

After the Epoxy Patching was dry it was ground down flush using a 7” hand grinder. To combat any possible out gassing in the concrete. Two coats of 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer in Whisper Grey were used first.

The first coat at approx.. 220 sqft / 1 gal  kit the second coat at 250 sqft  / 1 gal kit. This helps eliminate the out gassing Issue’s that occurs especially when 100% Epoxies are used.

The 4800 100% Epoxy Whisper Grey was the Pigmented Top Coat applied at between 250-300 sqft

The Finish was a beautiful, seamless, high gloss, monolithic durable floor. Ideal for warehouses and manufacturing plants just like this.

Epoxy Flooring Agricultural Warehouse