Roll On Rock Garage Floor Installation in Charleston, SC.

Color we used in this project was Versatile Building Products Sable Brindle Flakes with 1” and ¼” mix.

The floor was ground down first and all the smaller hairline cracks filled with the Divot Patch. A few larger cracks where filled with the 4905 5 minute Crack Weld. (Dry in 20 min to grind down flush)

The base coat is 4195 Direct to Concrete Cottonwood primer applied at 200 sqft / gal. After applying the base coat, the larger 1” flake was dispersed to approximately 2/3rds  of the floor. The remainder was filled in with the smaller ¼” flake same color blend. The ¼” is dispersed over the entire floor but most of it rests on top of the larger flake. When recouping the loose flake it is optional as to whether you keep the mixed up sizes of Flake.

Temperatures was between 50-60 degrees, cooler overnight. We only use 1 x 41 series Accelerator in each 1 gal kit of 4195. The primer was bone dry the next morning at 8.00 am.

The clear coats applied where the 5205 Polyaspartic Primer Sealer over the scraped Flake and then the 5073 Polyurea Top Coat.

This project was completed in two days to the owners delight.

Roll on Rock Epoxy Flooring with Brindle Flake