Concrete Countertops Rejuvenated and Sealed in Aliso Viejo, CA

This integrally colored countertop was poured in place, then lightly ground down before being chemically etched and cleaned to open up the pours of the concrete sufficiently. Two layers of the 5050 PolyTop Concrete Counter Sealer where applied with a Mohair roller and brush.

The first coat was applied early in the morning and had a few of outgassing bubbles occurring. Denatured alcohol was lightly back sprayed over the entire surface to help pop the bubble and allow the product to lay back down nice and smooth. Two hrs later a second coat was applied within the Re-Coat window.

The Sealer truly brought out the deep rich color in the concrete mix.

Concrete Countertop Sealed


Concrete Countertop Sealed


This is a poured in place concrete counter top with glass aggregate added to the colored concrete mix. The counter top was ground down to expose the aggregate. (If diamond polishing the concrete surface, we recommend not to exceed the 400 grit resin pads.)

After grinding the concrete,
two coats of PolyTop 5050 solvent based concrete countertop sealer were sprayed on to the surface to give the concrete this high gloss wet look.

5050 PolyTop can be thinned with MEK or Xylene when using HVLP spray guns. When thinning the product we recommend several thin coats be applied to achieve adequate film thickness & durability.

Concrete Countertop Sealer