Two Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating in Des Moines, Iowa

This epoxy floor coating was flaking off the surface after only 4 years. With the use of some PCD  (Poly Crystalline Diamond) cup wheels we were able to tear through and remove the existing coating fairly easily. We were careful not to be too aggressive and damage the concrete underneath. After the removal we then lightly Diamond Ground the surface to make sure there were no gauges or deep scratch marks from the PCD’s left evident. We were very thorough in doing this.

Once the coating was removed and the entire area was vacuumed, we noticed a lot more cracks in the surface that were previously could not see. We used the 4905 5 Min Crack Weld for the cracks 1/8” and larger, then the Divot Patch for the hairline Cracks. Lightly re-grinding those area’s after the compounds had dried.

After all the prep work was completed we applied 2 Kits of the 4195 Cotton Wood Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer. Approx. 15 min later after back-rolling the epoxy we broadcast the 1/4” Saddle Tan Flake.

The Clear Coatings consisted of 1 coat of the 5205 Polyaspartic Primer/Sealer allowed to dry for 60 min and then top Coated with the 5073 Polyurea the same Day.

With coating removal and the use of the 41 series Epoxy Accelerators at 65 degree’s we were still able to complete this floor with Versatile Building Products 1 Day Floor System.

Peregoy_before Peregoy_after