Complete Garage Makeover in Dove Canyon, SoCal

This complete garage makeover in Dove Canyon, SoCal was completed in just two and a half Days.

¼” Charcoal Grey was chosen as the flake color for the floor which was installed in the Roll On Rock system. With the use of the 41 series Accelerators for the 4195 Charcoal Grey Direct to Concrete Primer this was a one day floor application.

With so many cabinets (especially the larger pantries) in this job it took us a day and a half to installation. The silver bar pull handles were chosen as well as the black legs to help with the extra weight from the bigger pantries. Shelf stiffeners were also added for support. The slatwall with hooks and baskets plus the overheads racks added the perfect finish to this beautiful looking garage.

I don’t think storage space will be an issue again for the Customer!! Our customer was extremely satisfied with their new garage.