Taping and Masking off Areas for Clean Lines by Jimmy McGhee

Taping and masking is often neglected when it comes to prep work, but it could be the difference between a mediocre and spectacular epoxy floor. Contractors have different taping methods that work well for them. Here are some basic tips and tricks that we use at Versatile Building Products to help during and after the epoxy flooring install process.

  • Mask the area with paint tape

Paint tape (such as 3M blue tape) is a great way to start.  We tape the walls so that the edge is 1/8” above the concrete floor to ensure that the concrete is fully coated.  Make sure the blue tape is firmly pressed onto the area to ensure correct adhesion so no epoxy can seep or “bleed” underneath. The blue tape also protects the walls from excess paint splatter.

The grout tape is applied over the blue tape to serve one main purpose: clean lines. Grout tape is more resilient to tearing compared to paint tape.

  • Know when to peel

We usually allow the coating to gel prior to removing the tape.  This allows the grout tape to cut sharp lines before the coating is completely cured. If you wait too long to pull the tape off, the coatings will have dried and hardened, therefore making it incredibly difficult to remove.

  • Take caution for rough surfaces

Rough surfaces (such as house bricks and cinder-blocks) can be problematic as the tape cannot cover every pore and crevice.  It is best to carefully “cut” in with a brush when working around rough surfaces.