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50lbs of blended flake for $119 in any chip size (When purchased with Epoxy)!

Our Blended Flake comes in many different colors and sizes. We maintain truckloads of flake in our inventory so we can fulfill orders the same day. Our Epoxy Flake can be applied over Residential, Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floors.
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Flake Blended Color
Sprayable Versa-Glaze Clear Acrylic Wet Look Concrete Floor Sealer for $125!

Versa-Glaze is a clear acrylic Concrete Floor Sealer that will provide a beautiful low gloss or a matte wet look to concrete floors. Two coats is all that is required most of the time. It seals concrete driveways, walkways and pool decks. Versa-Glaze is a single component solvent based 21-30% solids (depends on formula selected) acrylic concrete floor sealer. Versa-Glaze is below 100 VOC which makes it legal for use in all AQMD districts in the USA. This Clear Acrylic Concrete Floor Sealer is ideally suited as a topcoat for stamped concrete, porous tile, polymer modified microtoppings and almost any other porous concrete surface that needs a beautiful wet look. Our Sprayable Versa-Glaze formula is designed to be poured into a pump up sprayer which is then used to apply it to the concrete. The Sprayable version is the easiest of the 3 formulas to apply.

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Versa-Glaze Clear Acrylic Wet Look Concrete Floor Sealer
Eco Concrete Profiler User Friendly Concrete Etcher for $19.75!

Eco Concrete Profiler was specifically developed as a safe and environmentally friendly concrete profiler and cleaner. Unlike other heavy duty concrete cleaners, Eco Etch is completely safe to use, non-corrosive, and 100% biodegradable. Eco Concrete Profiler is a water-based, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, biodegradable concentrated concrete etch and cleaning solution. It is the ideal muriatic acid etch alternative. Our advanced formula incorporates a proprietary blend of surfactants and organic minerals for the most effective concrete etching solution available.

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Eco Concrete Profiler User Friendly Concrete Etcher
3″ Chipper Brush for $0.55!

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3″ Chipper Brush
18 x 3/8″ Lint Free Roller Cover for $4.50!
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18 x 3/8″ Lint Free Roller Cover
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