Upcoming Home and Garden Shows by Angie’s List

The Benefits of Attending Home and Garden Shows.

With warmer weather around the corner, you might already have a home improvement project in mind. If you own a Home and have never been to a Home and Garden Show, this is a good opportunity to check out the wide variety of options to give your home a make over. Home shows can be a great place to meet with Design Consultant, General Contractors, Landscaping Contractors and other professionals in the industry. These expos showcase the latest innovations and trends for home make over products. Many contractors offer discounts on services, tips and cost estimates so you can make a informed decision.

As a Contractor it gives you the ability to interact and meet prospective clients. Check out some of the upcoming Home and Garden shows in your local area.

April 2016

3/31-4/3 Providence, RI The 66th Annual Rhode Island Home Show

4/1-4/3 Tampa, FL Tampa Home & Garden Show

4/1-4/3 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Southern Ideal Show

4/1-4/3 Contra Costa, FL Contra Costa Home & Garden Show

4/1-4/3 Austin, TX 11th Annual Austin Spring Home & Garden Show

4/1-4/3 Spokane, WA Spokane 38th Annual Home & Garden Show

4/1-4/3 Austin, TX Austin Annual Home & Garden Show

4/1-4/3 Detroit, MI Detroit Novi Home & Garden Show

4/1-4/3 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Howard County W. Friendship

4/1-4/3 Boston, MA Suburban Boston Tsongas Lowell

4/1-4/3 Poughkeepsie, NY Hudson Valley Spring Home Show Poughkeepsie

4/2-4/3 Durham, NH The Seacoast Home and Garden Show

4/1-4/3 Hartford, CT Hartford Spring Home Show

4/2-4/3 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Hartford County Home Show

4/8-4/10 St. Louis, MO St. Charles Spring Home Show

4/8-4/10 Santa Clara, CA Santa Clara Home, Garden & Gourmet Show

4/8-4/10 Sarasota, FL Sarasota Bradenton Spring Home Show

4/8-4/10 Tucson, AZ Tucson SAHBA Spring Home Show

4/8-4/10 Raleigh, NC Raleigh Southern Ideal Home Show

4/8-4/10 Clifton Park, NY The Capitol Region Spring Home Show

4/9-4/10 Sterling, VA Loudon & Fairfax County Home Show Sterling

4/15-4/17 Houston, TX Houston Home Show

4/15-4/17 Seattle, WA Northwest Women’s Show

4/22-4/24 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Spring Home & Garden Show

4/23-4/24 Albuquerque, AZ Albuquerque Home and Garden Show

4/22-4/24 San Carlos, CA Peninsula Home Show

4/22-4/24 Ridgefield, WA Portland Clark County Home & Garden Show

4/23-4/24 Indianapolis, IN Indy Health & Fitness Expo

4/28-5/1 Novi, MI Michigan International Women’s Show

5/14-5/15 San Luis, CA San Luis Ospibus

5/20-5/22 Long Beach, CA The OC Spring Home & Garden

5/21-5/22 Marin, CA Marin Home Show

5/20-5/22 Auburn, CA Auburn Home & Garden Show