Metal Lath Price Increase

We will be raising the price of Metal lath Cement by 10% due to some heavy price increases passed on to us by one of the raw material suppliers. Metal lathe Cement is a polymer modified fast setting Non-Shrink repair mortar. It can be troweled from 2-inches to a feather edge and not crack. Metal Lathe Cement will dry in 60-90 minutes and it will accept most coatings at that point. The adhesion of Metal Lathe Cement to plywood or concrete is fantastic. When tested with our deck coating system the adhesion of the metal lathe cement to plywood was greater than the adhesion of 18 1-inch staples per sq ft. Use Metal Lathe Cement to repair defects or create slope in existing walking areas. Metal Lathe Cement does not contain gypsum so it may be used on exterior surfaces. Just add 1 gallon of water per bag and mix, pour and place. It is that easy.

Metal Lath Cement