Just in Time for the Super Bowl-Provide Your Customers with their Favorite Sports Team Logos on Their Floor

New GarageCoatings.com

We now make it easy for you to order a sports team logo that can be installed on your customer’s floor. Now your customer can enjoy supporting their team while also telling all of their friends and family about who installed this cool custom floor in their home. We offer the Fathead decals in Real Big for $99.99 and Junior for $49.99. We do not charge extra for shipping as long as your total order (with liquids and flake) is above $500. To place the order with us just add the sku and description of the product you want (from the fatheads.com site) in the comment field at check out. At this time we do not offer any other sizes so if you are looking at a product on fathead that is not $49.99 or $99.99 then we can’t order it, if all goes well we may be able to add it later in the year. Do we dare say it? Go Broncos!!!

Fathead Team Logos