Alternative to Removing Epoxy without Grinding


We are selling quite a bit of Soygel stripper these days to customers who don’t want to grind of existing coatings. This product has gained a lot of traction since we started carrying it many years ago. It is made from 100% American Grown Soybeans, just put some Soygel on the coating to be removed, allowing you to work on another project. Let Soygel do the work, not you! Within minutes you can see the power of Soygel start to lift the coatings, all while you spend time on other tasks. Not sure how many coats need to be removed? Soygel doesn’t care. One coat, five coats, twenty coats, Soygel will remove them all and leave you smiling. In addition Soy Gel goes a long ways, with one gallon giving you up to 200 sq. ft. coverage. With Soygel you won’t have to deal with harsh odors that we all know so well with other strippers. No odor Soygel is the perfect helper for anyone wanting to remove paints, urethanes, and enamels.

Soy Gel Stripper