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February 2016 Newsletter

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February 2016 Newsletter


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Now Hiring

Versatile Building Products is growing at a double digit rates. We are eagerly seeking to add an additional Full Time Technical Sales Rep to our outstanding Team. The ideal candidate would have experience owning and operating an Epoxy Floor Coating Company that has experience installing our products while also being personable. We offer full benefits and we celebrate achieving goals and company milestones when they are achieved. If this sounds like a good fit for you then please submit your resume here Careers.
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Just in Time for the Super Bowl-Provide Your Customers with their Favorite Sports Team Logos on Their Floor

New GarageCoatings.com
We now make it easy for you to order a sports team logo that can be installed on your customer’s floor. Now your customer can enjoy supporting their team while also telling all of their friends and family about who installed this cool custom floor in their home. We offer the Fathead decals in Real Big for $99.99 and Junior for $49.99. We do not charge extra for shipping as long as your total order (with liquids and flake) is above $500. To place the order with us just add the sku and description of the product you want (from the fatheads.com site) in the comment field at check out. At this time we do not offer any other sizes so if you are looking at a product on fathead that is not $49.99 or $99.99 then we can’t order it, if all goes well we may be able to add it later in the year. Do we dare say it? Go Broncos!!!

Fathead Team Logos

5120 Pigmented Polyaspartic Flooring now Available in 3 Colors

Our 5120 Polyaspartic has been formulated to be one of the easiest Polyaspartic’s Floor Coatings to apply by roller and brush, making it the ideal topcoat to use over a variety of Concrete and Epoxy Flooring. This unique formulation allows for more than 45 minutes of potlife (which is more than enough for most Floor Coating installers), yet the material dries in as little as 20 minutes when applied to the flooring surface. In most cases you can get back on the floor in 60 minutes and it will accept light vehicle traffic the next day (please use care since it is not fully cure). Use 5120 when you need a faster turnaround time and you can install it at temperatures ranging from 30-100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Easily Applied over Epoxy Floors

We have reduced the 5120 Polyaspartic viscosity down to levels comparable to a medium solids CRU (chemical resistant urethane). The benefits of this is that the Polyaspartic Floor Sealer is easier to install, has more pot life, cures to a hard film faster (dries in just about an hour) and is suitable for exterior exposure without yellowing. The only drawback is that 5120 Flooring Polyaspartic is considered combustible and its use should be restricted to well ventilated areas.

Fast Turn Around Time

Use 5120 Polyaspartic Pigmented Floor Sealer when you need a faster turnaround time so you can get that coated concrete floor back in service fast. 5120 is perfect when you want a solid color topcoat over your epoxy floor. 5120 is abrasion resistant and UV resistant plus it dries really fast (dries in under 60 minutes) so you can get your floor back in service quickly. (put links here to the website and to the install guide, brochure, etc.)

5120 Pigmented Polyaspartic Installation Guide 5120 Polyaspartic Pigmented Industrial Flooring Brochure

Features and Advantages:

  • Below 50 VOC
  • High gloss
  • 63% solids
  • Medium Build
  • Foot traffic in as little as 2 hours
  • Pneumatic wheel traffic in as little as 24 hours
  • Dries quick
  • Non-yellowing
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Good Resistance to most chemicals
  • Will cure at temperatures just above freezing

Where Used:

  • Garage Floors
  • Retail Floors
  • Industrial Floors
  • Any Concrete Floor
  • Most Previously Coated Floors – consult with manufacturer
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January Web Special


Free Spike Shoes with Every Roll on Rock Kit-No Coupon Needed
We will automatically be including a pair of Spike Shoes with every Roll on Rock kit ordered from our site for the month of February. New GarageCoatings.com Roll on Rock Kit

Speed Cove is on Sale
Speed Cove Systems are pre-formed cove base moldings made specifically for use with high performance commercial, industrial, and residential floor coatings. Speed Cove Systems quickly & easily form the correct shape & height around the perimeter of a room to meet the Environmental Health Department’s sanitary requirements. When this cove base and floor area is coated over it provides a uniform, smooth, seamless, and integral floor-to-wall juncture that produces the most sanitary and easily maintained floors available. New GarageCoatings.com

1 Box of Speed Cove 4″x48″x1/4″ (12 pcs per box)- sku 7254 for $275 7254

1 Box of Speed Cove 6″x48″x1/4″ (12 pcs per box)- sku 7257 for $304 7257

1 Box of Speed Cove 8″x48″x1/4″ (12 pcs per box)- sku 7261 for $388 7261

New GarageCoatings.com

Web Specials


Microphone Here is a nice testimonial we received for our traning work shop.

Hi Jimmy,

Had a great time on Friday at your training seminar. Over the years I’ve been to many, many but yours was by far the best. Great presentation! I really want to come back and check out your overlays. They were very impressive. I believe that will be in March. I’ll keep in touch.

Thanks again, Jeff P. Concrete Custom Designs

2015 January Monthly Photo Contest Winners

Click here to upload your photo straight to our site (it should take less than a minute)

epoxy floor coating photo contest winner
epoxy floor coating photo contest winner
January – 1st Place winner receives $100 Coupon

Congratulations to Randy with Pro Seal for winning 1st place in the January Monthly Photo Contest.

Randy submitted these shots showing off a nice 1,800 sq ft commercial floor that he applied our Roll on Rock Epoxy Flooring using the Brindle Flake. What we really like here is that it provides a great example on how you can incorporate high risk cracks into the finished appearance of this Auto Shop floor. By doing this Randy will not have to be concerned with the customer calling him back to do a repair when the concrete moves/cracks again, which it will…


Roll On Rock® Garage Flooring & Coating System


epoxy floor coating photo contest winner
January – 2nd Place winner receives $25 Coupon

Congratulations to Bill P. of Florida for winning 2nd place in the January Monthly Photo Contest.

Bill P. sent in these shots showing off a 1,600 sq ft ‪Epoxy Flooring project installed using Touch of Blue Flake and finished with a border of Beige ‎Polyaspartic


Roll On Rock® Garage Flooring & Coating System


Click here to view and submit your photo (it’s easy)
VBP offers a monthly $100 reward for the best photo submitted that shows a completed job, as well as a second place $25 reward. Each company that submits a photo to our contest will also receive a $10 entry credit! All pictures submitted are also eligible for the year end $500 photo contest.
Facebook Logo You can vote for your favorite entry for the photo contest on our Facebook page too. Just click the Facebook logo to your left to visit the Official VBP Facebook page.

Metal Lath Price Increase

We will be raising the price of Metal lath Cement by 10% due to some heavy price increases passed on to us by one of the raw material suppliers. Metal lathe Cement is a polymer modified fast setting Non-Shrink repair mortar. It can be troweled from 2-inches to a feather edge and not crack. Metal Lathe Cement will dry in 60-90 minutes and it will accept most coatings at that point. The adhesion of Metal Lathe Cement to plywood or concrete is fantastic. When tested with our deck coating system the adhesion of the metal lathe cement to plywood was greater than the adhesion of 18 1-inch staples per sq ft. Use Metal Lathe Cement to repair defects or create slope in existing walking areas. Metal Lathe Cement does not contain gypsum so it may be used on exterior surfaces. Just add 1 gallon of water per bag and mix, pour and place. It is that easy.

Metal Lath Cement
New GarageCoatings.com

Make More Money in 2016
Attend our Training Classes and Learn How Easy it is to Make Money Installing our Decorative Floor Coatings

Epoxy Flooring

We take pride in our hands-on decorative concrete overlay floor coating training classes. We have dedicated 5,000 sq. ft. of our warehouse specifically for training you on how to become successful and profitable at installing our decorative concrete floor coating products. Since our beautiful training area is indoors, the floor coating class can be held regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, our class is conducted in English and Spanish to accommodate your Spanish speaking employees.

Our 1-Day Epoxy Flooring and Cabinet Installation Workshop will be held on Friday, February 12th, 2015.

Items covered are: Prep, Intro, Roll on Rock®, Cabinets, Growing a Successful Business and a Q & A.

Advanced Training: Our 2-Day Advanced Concrete Floor Coating Workshop will be held on Thursday and Friday, March 10th-11th.

Items covered are: Prep, Intro, Advanced Overlayments, Resurfacing, Texturing, Borders, ¼” Stamping, Advanced Acid Staining, Roll on Rock, Lava Flow, Growing a Successful Business and time for Q&A.

We have scheduled the classes on Thursday and/or Friday because we are only 5 minutes from Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Bring your family and make a mini vacation out of the trip. We are walking distance from the Comfort Inn, so you can shuttle directly to us from the airport and save the need for a rental car. We have a special corporate nightly rate with Comfort Inn, so be sure to mention it if booking a room.

Check out our Training Page to sign up and participate!