Monthly Technical Tip – Valuable Information on How to Extend Cure Times

Mark shares some tips on how to make the best of the installation process for a new floor coating.


There are many variables to consider when looking at cure times for Epoxy floor coatings. Temperature is one of the main conditions that can affect a cure rate. It’s important to always consider the temperature of the slab and the material itself to obtain a good final cure and extend the pot life of the material.

One example of the difference temperature can make is a customer who installed a floor coating on one floor in the morning with cold material in cold weather and it was still tacky the following day. He also applied the same coating to another floor later that day that had been sitting in the bed of a truck all day and bordered on being too hot, but cured hard as a rock by that night. This extreme example shows how much of a role that temperatures plays with regards to open pot life as well as cure time.

As summer approaches and the heat begins to rise it would be prudent to make sure you keep your two component products cool up to the time of installation. One way that our customers do this is by keeping the materials in an air conditioned room overnight and then transport it in an enclosed vehicle to the jobsite. Another method is to put the material into ice chests and then cover them with ice. We have installers applying our products in temperatures well over 100 degrees with great success. You just have to find a method that is easy for you to implement so you have plenty of pot life time to install the flooring.

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