Monthly Technical Tip – Removing Tire Marks from a Garage Floor

This month, Jimmy explains how to remove black tire marks on a garage floor.

When it comes to removing those black tire marks from your sealed garage floor a little care should be taken. First, determine if it is just dirt and grime brought in from the road from the tires, or if it is burn marks/rubber almost melted into the sealer (skid marks).


Typically a cleaning agent like our V-100 (LINK TO PAGE) Neutral Cleaner will do the trick. Use warm water with a 4:1 diluted ratio, a deck scrub brush and a little bit of elbow grease. Since you’re already cleaning, you may as well just clean the entire floor all at once as there is bound to be dirt covering the entire floor. A garden hose or pressure washer will help. You may need to wipe the entire floor down with a large towel to remove the calcium haze from the hard water after washing it.


For those skid marks try a concentrate 2: 1 mix of the V -100 first. For the stubborn marks Goof Off will also work well. Xylene will break that down, but be careful not to rub or leave it on the surface too long as it may dull the sheen on the sealer. If this does happen you can re-seal that small area but just be prepared to put another light coat over the entire floor to even out the gloss again.