Testimonial from Garage Makeovers

Here is a testimonial that was forwarded to us from one of our customers, Nathan of Garage Makeovers, regarding a recent job he completed.

Nathan’s customer was ecstatic on how well our industrial epoxy flooring system performed over their commercial kitchen floor:

Hi Nathan,

“I am sorry to keep bothering you with emails but I have to tell you a story. I am so happy with my floor first of all! I dragged a 350 pound piece of equipment across my floor and had these huge black marks form the rubber feet. I am thinking oh shoot! Well I have a 2hp dust collector with a floor sweep attachment. I literally vacuumed the rubber right off the floor! This floor is amazing!!!! I am so happy I did not do this myself with Home Depot products. My brother who lives in Tampa showed me his floor. It sucks he has tire pull up and water penetration below the floor and no flakes. It looks terrible. This floor is bullet proof!! Awesome job!!!! Thank you for a great floor!!!”

Best Regards,
David C.

Customer from Nathan at GARAGE MAKEOVERS