Here is a post we found from 2010 about our Roll on Rock Epoxy Flooring found on a Lotus Auto blog site.

I prepped and applied the “roll-on-rock” system a couple of years ago.

here is a link: Roll On Rock System

The prep for my space was especially hard because I had an oil-soaked mechanics pit (6ft deep X 16ft long X 3ft wide) that I had to de-grease. Also, I elected to cover the stem wall in the garage as well. All up, I covered about 700 square feet. Including all prep and application, I have around 60 hours invested in the floor. It was hard work, but I couldn’t be happier with the floor. It looks great and appears to be tough as nails (time will tell). I needed to remove a little bit of it from the stem wall after the application (for some wood finish work) and had to grind it off with a concrete wheel to get it off. After two years, it still looks like the day I finished it.

Most of the coating is made up of the chips. You roll out the base coat, then throw chips until it “rejects” them. Since the chips are heavier than the base coat, they sink in and form a fairly thick layer. I was amazed how many chips it took. It took me hours just to throw the chips. Once it all sets up, you run some kind of blade across the surface to smooth it (I just used the “squeegie” attachement from my shop vac, which also sucked up any loose chips), then lay down a final sealer coat.

Done right (prep is everything!), this is a great floor. Not counting my labor, it cost about $3/square foot.

Good luck!

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